Can’t believe Polaris Realty has no reviews yet. Makes me want to crack that whip and dig in my spurs to motivate people to get behind a good business with good management, good staff and good business practices. Really, I come in love and peace not whip's and spurs, but it does add a rather good flare of drama to the opening paragraph. I ask just one thing of the reader that they will read this to the end because this is not an editorial, review, same old, same old, but different kind of yawn, yawn thing.

I am sure we, (meaning my husband and myself) are not alone with our circumstances or those we found ourselves in currently. What does stand alone for us is the way Polaris Realty acted in a professional, but caring way for not only us, but to all who were involved with our situation. They stand alone because they cared for each and every one while maintaining excellent business practices. We don't own property anymore. We aren't able to be part of the buyers’ market due to circumstances out of our control. We are people that have leased property through Polaris for a good number of years so the following comment is not our view point or experience, but you could be forgiven for thinking that a company would view people that lease not on the same level as owners or buyers. We have always been treated as of equal importance with the upmost respect. That to me shows a company that not only runs by excellent business practices, but of a company that has high value's not only with business ethics, but with people ethics as well.

You came knocking on our door last week to make sure we where alright and to ask us about the phone and to see if we had enough food. Still brings tears to my eyes. We keep on thinking that someone cares for us this much??? How can that be possible??? How do they know when something is wrong? Why do they think we are worthy of help? It wasnt that long ago we where trying to justify or question why we still exsisted. With me its a daily battle with that question and has been that way for many years, but for Lesley, (Graham) this was something new. I'm telling you this to let you know what the gift of human kindness is and has been doing for us and thankyou just isnt enough and cant be said enough to make up for all the kindness that has been shown to us. I hold on to the positive thought that one day we can do something very special for you and Denise,

On a personal level I would like to once again thank Robin, Denise and staff for going beyond all that we thought we deserved. Without your caring and professional help, we would be in a different place. Thank you doesn't seem enough, but I'm hoping that by people reading this review that it will help set you apart from others because you deserve being recognized as a leader amongst many.

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Ann Reeley